Dating Advice

Basic Notion of Courting a Woman

Courtship differs from dating in that it is a more traditional form of getting to know a woman, based on spending time with her in public places, learning about her and her character, and ultimately making the decision of establishing closer relations is in the future. Courtship is not so much about regulations, but it's more concerned with selflessness, friendship, and commitment. Even though courtship is more serious than dating, it still has some of the fun perks of dating and allows you to effectively get to know the girl you are interested in.

Decide if you're ready

Courting is not something that should just be done on a whim, because it's a serious step to pursue a woman. Most courtships are between a couple trying to determine if marriage is in their future, so if you aren't ready for a commitment like this, it's best to stick to dating or being single.

Get to know her as a friend first

Because courtship is more serious, you don't want to jump into courting a woman before you know if she's even someone you would be romantically interested in. Go out with her, learn about her interests, personality and character, and decide if you have affection to her.

Find out more about her family

Courtship has a lot to do with family and community interactions, mostly because it's mainly prevalent in religious circles who value healthy relationships. Getting to know a woman's family will help when you decide you want to court her. Learn about her family's values and if you would be a good fit for her and she, you.

Families are different, and some won't need to know you well before their daughter is courted by you, but some families place a high value on the man's participation in the family as they want to be sure they can rely on you before they allow their daughter to spend a lot of time with you.

Family participation may not be as important in case you are older and the woman has already moved out of her house and is living on her own. However, you'll want to check with her to make sure you aren't overstepping any boundaries.

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